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Top 5 Computer Issues

Update Your Files and Programs


Keeping your computer up to date is extremely important as most viruses attack out of date system files and programs. Read this guide on the basics of keeping up to date.

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Update Windows

Keeping your computer up-to-date is vital to ensure maximum protection against viruses and malware. Microsoft and antivirus program companies both strive to protect you as much as possible and this results in daily updates being required more often than not.

Luckily, all of this can be set up automatically with Microsoft using 'Windows Update' and your antivirus program will automatically update daily to block the latest known threats.

Turning on Automatic Updates via Control Panel

First, click on Start and click on Control Panel. Double-click on Windows Updates to bring up the configuration dialog. If you’re in Category view, you’ll have to click on Security Center.


turn on automatic updates

Update Your Programs

Updating your programs does not mean you need to purchase the latest 'new version'. Companies that make all of the programs on your computer usually offer updates to your existing version. These updates are vital to protect your machine against viruses and to ensure the program does not crash and conflict with other programs on your computer.


Going through every program to search for updates would take an age, luckily, there is a nice free program that will do this for you. Filehippo Updater will search your computer and then send you to a web link showing which programs have updates, and a direct download link is provided! Easy.


Simple Steps To Install and Use Filehippo Updater


Go to


Download the file and install using given instructions


Open the program (it will check for updates)


The program will then show you what needs updating, simply download and install each program on this list.


Restart your computer and thats it... Done


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