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Looking After Your Computer...


Top 5 Computer Issues

Update Your Files and Programs


Keeping your computer up to date is extremely important as most viruses attack out of date system files and programs. Read this guide on the basics of keeping up to date.

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Slow Computers

The most frustrating thing to experience on a computer. When new, it ran fast, was responsive and using it was a pleasure. After time, unless maintained, computers get bogged down with lots of programs, files and updates which are all hogging your computer's resources.

I recommend a computer service every 6 month for heavy users who spend a lot of time on their machine and an annual service for light users. Not only will a speedy PC or laptop extend the life of your device but speeding it up includes vital security updates, diagnistic checks and a full healthcheck.

A full service of your PC includes the following:

  • Full virus and malware scan with removal of any threats
  • Full hard drive scan to check its physical condition
  • Internal temperature check to ensure your machine is cooling properly
  • Cleaning of any fans and airflow systems
  • RAM check
  • Scan and repair of computer registry
  • Removal of corrupt files and programs
  • Removal of unused and conflicting programs
  • Prevent unneeded programs starting when machine boots
  • Update any existing programs to the latest security release (not an upgrade to newer versions)
  • Full windows update and set up of automtaic updates to keep your version current and safe
  • Physical clean of laptop/PC


    Once this process is completed your computer will be back to new with the peace of mind that everything is functioning well. I will also offer advice on anything that might not be functioning properly and outline where your money would be best spend if your looking to upgrade performance.


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